Haus & Garten Heavy-Duty Adjustable          Brass Hose Nozzle

Stop wasting your money on hose nozzles that easily break!

Let's face it, we often fall for those low-priced hose nozzles thinking that they're more economical. But because they cut back on quality, we end up having to replace them repeatedly, eventually spending a lot more money without even realizing it.

And don't you just hate it every time your hose nozzle fails just when you need it? So frustrating!

Well here's the good news... Now, you can say goodbye to those plastic and cheaply made nozzles that crack, leak, or break over time.

Introducing the heavy-duty hose nozzle from Haus & Garten! Made of solid brass for long lasting durability, meant for frequent outdoor use. With adjustable spray pattern for all around watering needs - from watering your plants, cleaning your car, to washing your pets!

Get This FREE Heavy-Duty Brass Hose Nozzle for a virtually indestructible tool to take care of all your watering and washing needs!

If you need a versatile watering tool that will last you a lifetime, look no further! 

Presenting, the Haus & Garten Heavy-Duty Brass Hose Nozzle – Solid brass construction for better durability, ideal for everyday use in any type of weather condition. Great for different watering and cleaning applications!


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Here is the CATCH...

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Powerful Stream

2 large inner holes, unlike other nozzles, so you can maximize the full power of your tap's high water pressure.

Versatile Design

Adjustable spray pattern perfect for all your watering & cleaning needs, from delicate plants to dirty driveways.

Durable Performance

Solid brass construction for rust-proof long-lasting use. Includes a rubber hose washer for a tight & leak free seal.


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