Haus & Garten PowerPRO Compound Action Bypass Lopper

Have you been struggling with trimming thick branches and doing heavy pruning tasks? Did it get too frustrating that you thought about calling a professional at one point to handle this difficult job for you?

Let me tell you, you are not alone. Many of us find tree pruning a daunting task that involves hard labor and a lot of strength.

The truth is, it only takes one simple thing to save you from this seemingly demanding task - the right tool for the job.

Thankfully, Haus & Garten has heard our frustration and developed this awesome lopper that offers 3x more cutting power than other loppers!

Feel how the compound action technology, long handles, and razor sharp blade all work together to give you that strength and leverage for an effortless cut! No doubt, the best choice for big and difficult pruning tasks.

Get This FREE PowerPRO Bypass Lopper for the strength and power you need to prune your trees effortlessly!

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect tool for tough pruning jobs, you don’t have to wait any longer! 

Introducing, the PowerPRO Bypass Lopper – Designed with compound action mechanism that multiplies the cutting force by as much as 3 times! No more struggles, no more fatigue, no need for a professional!


If you are willing to buy the PowerPRO Bypass Lopper at full price, using a specific search phrase that we send you, we will give you the money to do it.

#1: You get the money to buy it FIRST (not a reimbursement)
#2: You go to Amazon and find the lopper using a specific search phrase
#3: You agree to answer a 5-question survey about the lopper
#4: That's it.... you do not have to leave a review. The lopper is yours to keep.

Here is the CATCH...

#1: Shipping is only free if you have AMAZON PRIME
#2: Sales tax is not included
#3: You need to have PayPal to receive the money for making the purchase
#4: If you don't like the lopper, you are expected to keep it or give it away BUT NOT RETURN IT TO AMAZON. You may still leave a negative review if you feel it's deserved!


Power In Every Cut

Designed for tackling thicker branches that hand pruners can't handle. It's got an impressive mechanism that magnifies your cutting force up to 3x more power than traditional loppers! Complemented by razor sharp blade that glides smoothly through tough limbs.

Leverage & Comfort

Get that extra leverage with the 29-inch long handles, made more comfortable with the ergonomic non-slip grips. With this lopper, you can finally reach overhead branches easily and experience pruning without the pain of having blisters and sore hands!

Haus & Garten Quality

When you buy any premium product from us, you can be assured that you are buying a quality product that is manufactured with the motto of "Quality First". Our attention to ergonomics, performance and durability ensures products are made for tough working environments.


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